Keeping your skills sharp after Flatiron

Ah yes, we’re just over 3 weeks out from graduation. It’s going to be so nice to kick my feet up & relax….

Think again- We are still going to have to be practicing code on a daily basis to stay fresh with our skills & continue building on them while we are on our job hunt! Here are three websites where we can do just that after we finish our program.


LeetCode’s homepage

LeetCode is a great platform to practice various challenges that can get you prepared for those tech interviews we’re all terrified of. After completing a challenge, you’re able to check your stats for your solution & see things such as how fast your code is ran compared to other users.

Along with the coding challenges, LeetCode has coding contests, mock interviews, & even articles to read up on to better understand certain concepts & topics.


2. CodeWars


CodeWars is another great platform that I get instagram ads for all the time. I think this one is particularly cool because it has a huge source of coding challenges that are uploaded/edited by their own users in many different languages. Along with that & having its own code editor, there are discussion forums & solutions for each challenge.


3. Coderbyte

Coderbyte is especially great if you want to start dipping your toes into algorithms. They offer many algorithm tutorials(check out their “Learn Algorithms in One Week” kit), intro videos, & even actual interview questions from leading tech companies. My favorite part about Coderbyte is that they have kits that cover all skill levels from “learning something in one week” to full interview kits tailored to big tech companies that consist of articles, challenges, & interview questions.


Honorable Mention: YouTube

the goat

I love YouTube & I use it all the time, if someone asks me how to do something code related or not & I don’t know the answer, my default is always “I bet there is a YouTube video for that.” YouTube is a great tool if you’re more of a DIY type person. If you’re working on a mini project on vscode & want to do something that you’ve never done before, YouTube has a billion videos to reference where coding influencers will literally walk you through step by step to a solution. 100% recommend!



I’m wishing everyone the best of luck with their job search & that we all can land a job super quickly after graduation. But the truth is, for a lot of us “super quick” may not be the case. Hopefully these resources are inspiring but also know that there are so many resources out there to keep our talents strong! We got this!

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