Ah yes, we’re just over 3 weeks out from graduation. It’s going to be so nice to kick my feet up & relax….

Think again- We are still going to have to be practicing code on a daily basis to stay fresh with our skills & continue building on them…

I want to start out & say that I’m very grateful for my opportunity to be a student at Flatiron School. Obviously I’ve learned a lot about software developing but in this blog I don’t want to talk about that. …

Don’t sleep on the vs-code extensions that are available to us in the Visual Studio Marketplace… Of the endless list these four extensions will make your workflow more efficient.

1. vscode — icons

pretty icons^

Have you ever gotten lost in your project directory trying to locate a particular file? It happens to me all the…

Let’s talk about this Ruby gem, tty-prompt- This gem has a lot of functionality for your command line application & I am going to show you three features that can make your command line more exciting.

To my Flatiron cohort, this is for you.

Outside of prompt.select(thanks for showing us…

Zach Bayard

Software Engineer

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